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Our Staff of Tailors & Dressmakers Specialize In Custom Making
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You’ve found your dream gown…
Now it’s time to make sure everything from the hem of the skirt to the fall of the bustle fits you like a dream!

Why your gown should be altered at Lady Blue Tailors

Choosing the right size is only the first step. Expert tailoring perfects the fit so the gown looks custom made for you
We have earned our excellent reputation by skillfully tailoring gowns and dresses for more than 30 years
Our alterations specialists are trained to achieve the fit that is ideal for your body type and dress style

We offer personalization options for your bridal gown?
Here are some of the design elements:

Add straps or sleeves
Add a corset back to change the look or size of a zipper back gown
Add an elegant bustle designed just for you
Add unique bustle accents for an added touch
Add a colorful sash, ribbon, or bow

What to expect at your first appointment

You will need to bring your bra, slip, and shoes you will be wearing at the event
The dress will be pinned to show you an ideal fit
For dresses with a train you will be shown bustle options
Fees for recommended alterations will be discussed, so you can decide on the best look that meets your needs and budget
A deposit is due at the time of the 2nd fitting
A copy of the alterations ticket, pick-up appointment date and time will be provided

Did you know how much alterations would cost?

We will need to see you in your dress in order to discuss options and fees. The cost of alterations is based on the complexity of each task
Please remember to budget for the cost of alterations when choosing the gown of your dreams
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